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  • My name is Marcia Hudson. I have been bringing my husband, Tom, who has Parkinson's, to Ideal Therapy in Fayetteville for LSVT BIG therapy for 3 weeks. We were both fairly skeptical regarding the results - but we have been very pleased. The results have been encouraging and rewarding, not only for Tom, but also for me as the caregiver as well. In 3 weeks time he is now able to get out of bed on his own, completely dress himself - including putting on socks and shoes. When he began the therapy, he used a walker, and sometimes a wheelchair. Now he stands straighter, his balance is better, his walking is almost normal, through still somewhat slow, and seldom feels the need for the walker. His walking is so much better that many people at our church are quite quite vocal about what they are seeing - giving thanks to God for the improvement.

    I think a primary factor in these good results belongs to the therapist, Corlette Combridge. She directs her patients through the exercises like a drill instructor. Her personality, which is friendly, welcoming, extremely caring, and oftentimes funny, makes her patients want to do the best they can. The ability to make her patients laugh when the patient is concentrating and struggling so hard to perform the exercises for the therapy is a God given talent and a blessing to the patient and the caregiver. She is very humble, and when complimented, gives all the credit and glory to God. We are both grateful to God for Corlette, Ideal Therapy, and the good results achieved thus far.

    Marcia Hudson

  • I felt better the day after my 1st visit. The instructional exercises that were given helped my pain to loosen up. Mrs. Corlette and Ideal were always professional and made my therapy enjoyable. As I continued my exercises and attended my appointments, my pain had decreased. This was so effective that I didn’t want to leave.

    Thank you so much.

    Tiffany Moore

  • From paralyzed to barely walking to out patient therapy at ideal therapy to walking 8 miles without a cane, you pushed me when I need to be pushed, you provided me with the tools I needed to get back on my feet, I loved coming to see you because after 2 strokes I knew you could get me back on my feet because God said so! I love you ladies!

    Lee Barker

  • What can I say? Unbelievably caring that's what. I was recommended to Ideal Therapy through the Veteran's Choice program. This provider's office followed up with me and I was very enthusiastic about being here on my first appointment. The therapist at Ideal are about whole body treatment and having chronic pain this is very important to me. Mrs. Cambridge and her staff make me smile on days I hurt and wish I could stay in bed. The staff at Ideal Therapy have gone above and beyond for me. I appreciate their community service and service to all of us Veterans of the U.S. military.

    Thank you Mrs. Cambridge and Staff!

  • Ideal Therapy has been wonderful in helping our family our recovery. We trust and highly recommend having them serve you.

  • Therapist Luke-Cambridge, and the staff receptionist Patrice, PT Princess and masseuse Crystal are all just wonderful! This my first time I've had pt, and they have made it such a pleasure. Got a massage today and I must say it was the best one I've ever had. My physical therapist Princess is awesome, so friendly and patient. Patrice always greets you with a smile, and is very pleasant. Therapist Luke-Cambridge what a awesome facility you have..... Thank you for making my visits so pleasurable. I would recommend anyone needing PT, SP, OT etc!!!!!! Just a wonderful place!!!!!!!!!

  • Very satisfied client. The therapist had great hands and addressed all my discomforts during the massage session. Treat yourself to this very gratifying massage experience. Thanks Crystal.

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